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CAD conversion support services

We are a multi-discipline engineering firm that offers CAD conversion services to clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom. For all forms of mechanical, HVAC, piping, and plumbing, we provide precise CAD conversion services for putting the design onto another software platform.

Paper to CAD Conversion Service

CAD to REVIT Conversion Services

2D to 3D CAD Conversion Services

Solidworks Conversion Services

Our Methodology for Paper to CAD Conversion Services is as follows:

Paper to CAD Conversion Services

We provide a comprehensive range of Paper to CAD Translation Services, including PDF to DWG conversion, hand sketch to CAD conversion, and image to CAD conversion, all of which are performed with extreme precision and at extremely low costs. We translate mechanical, electrical, architectural, and structural, HVAC, maps, plumbing, GIS, and other types of drawings.

All we need is a simple scanned image, and we’ll provide you with correct dimension cad drawings and designs. Our success in this sector of service is largely due to our use of cutting-edge technology and infrastructure. Because of our technological competence in this field, we are able to give the highest quality paper to CAD conversion at extremely low costs.

Our Methodology for Paper to CAD Conversion Services is as follows:

Advantage for Converting Paper drawings to CAD format:

Our CAD conversion prices are based on a predetermined pricing for a defined set of paper drawings, depending on the type of project. We can provide pricing based on sheet size (A4, A3, A2, A1, and A0) as requested by our clients.
Contact us for your Paper to CAD Conversion project, and we’ll provide you with high-quality CAD drawings at a low cost.

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CAD to REVIT Conversion Services:

BlueSurf Technologies is a Revit Conversions expert who can help you with your project. Our team accepts the project as AutoCAD files, images, or pdf files and creates a Revit 3D model based on the project data to convert current projects to Revit format.The Revit Architectural, Revit Structural, and Revit MEP models are all well-coordinated, allowing you to create an integrated project design solution for any project. In order to suit the needs of our global consumers, our trained Revit design professionals manipulate and personalize numerous designs using Revit.

BlueSurf also offers the Revit design process as well as a variety of conversion services. The most significant service that our company provides for our overseas clients is CAD to Revit conversion. Our Revit certified team receives projects in the form of AutoCAD files, JPEG files, or PDF files, and the objective is to create a Revit model utilizing the project details provided in the aforementioned format. This service, also known as CAD to Revit Outsourcing, is critical since the capabilities of Revit are unrivalled by any other software.

Why Convert to Revit?

The architecture design sector is seeing a boom because to Revit’s advancements. Revit makes design coordination and collaboration a breeze by combining all data into a single environment software that everyone involved in the design process can view. Revit services are transforming the AEC business by allowing virtual construction of a project to begin far before the actual groundwork begins.

Advantage for Converting Paper drawings to CAD format:

Solidworks Conversion Services:

BlueSurf Technologies has worked in a variety of worldwide locales, including Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and India, to provide a unique range of 3D Solidworks Conversion services, which include the use of a parametric, feature-based method to create a 3D CAD model.You can use the Solidworks Conversion services to access a variety of file formats, including slddwg, sldasm, slddrw, easm, eprt, prt, sldasm, and more.

The BlueSurf Technologies team has extensive experience in mechanical design for the automotive, aircraft, equipment, pipeline, and general mechanical industries. Solid Works creates 3D CAD models and assemblies using a parametric, feature-based approach.

A 2D or 3D sketch, as well as AutoCAD drawings, is commonly used to begin the construction of a model by our team. Geometry such as lines, arcs, and conics are included in the drawing. After that, we define the size and location of the geometry by adding dimensions to the sketch. SolidWorks’ parametric nature means that the geometry is driven by the dimensions and relations, not the other way around.

We have excellent 3D Solidworks model preparation skills. Alternatively, 2D drawings can be converted into Solidworks models for the following purposes:

We specialize in manufacturing and production drawings, parts lists, and BOMs (Bill of Materials), as well as the conversion of paper sketches into quality Solidworks Conversion for Mechanical CAD and assembly drawings. We provide Solidworks design and drawing assistance to a variety of industries and sectors, including aerospace, automotive, aeronautical, sheet metal, manufacturing, and many more.
We can convert your existing product files to Solid Works formats or vice versa, allowing you to increase your productivity and profits. Anything from hand sketches to full-production 2D drawings, scanned paper, or 3D files can be sent. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and on-time delivery of Solidworks 3D Models.

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We have been serving numerous global clients across different industry .

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We have been serving numerous global clients across different industry .


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We have been serving numerous global clients


We have been serving numerous global clients across different industry .


We have been serving numerous global clients across different industry .


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We have been serving numerous global clients


We have been serving numerous global clients across different industry .

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We are committed to providing our clients with the highest piping design requirements in a timely manner. This is possible thanks to the usage of the most current editions of the best design software. AutoPLANT PID, Open Plant PID, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, Solidworks, and the others are some of the major software used for piping stress analysis.

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