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Design & Engineering Services

We create a well-thought-out design to build an easy-to-use product that helps your brand get a vision to life.

Our team develops physical prototypes that duplicate the product experience to ensure a seamless user experience. We implement Design for Manufacture principle for engineering IoT products.

Product Re-engineering Services
Connected Hardware Firmware Development

Connected Hardware & Firmware Development Services

Our experienced electronics and embedded systems engineers can add different types of connectivity to your product, including cellular, RFID, GPS, Bluetooth, WIFI and other connectivity options.

Our team also designs, codes and tests the firmware of the connected hardware.


Our product design and engineering team uses innovative ways to prototype the product idea before the development is initiated.
It helps us receive user feedback quickly and improve the functionality, saving time and development cost.

Using rapid iterations, our IoT product development experts can produce tangible prototypes that can be viewed, evaluated, tested and improved.

Manufacturing Support Service

Manufacturing Support Services

Our team identifies off-the-shelf metal, plastic and composite parts manufactured by different suppliers and helps you select the right one for your product.
We can also do custom modifications if any part requires minor changes.
We also provide electronic component design and sourcing, including printed circuit board assemblies, connectors, display and other components.
Leveraging our knowledge and existing supplier relationships, our clients benefit from early product cost estimating.

With extensive experience

Industries We Serve

We have been serving numerous global clients across different industry .

Oil and Gas​

We have been serving numerous global clients across different industry .


Waste Water Treatment

We have been serving numerous global clients


We have been serving numerous global clients across different industry .


We have been serving numerous global clients across different industry .


Petrochemical & Refinery

We have been serving numerous global clients


We have been serving numerous global clients across different industry .

Software and Cloud Integration

We can create, analyze, verify, and update all production drawings, blueprints, and other innovative solutions.

Product Hardware Identification

Connectivity and Data Transmission

Software and Cloud Integration

Looking For IoT Product Development services?


Product Hardware Identification

Two types of hardware are needed for an IoT product development. First for sensing element and the second one to convert an electrical signal to a physical outcome.

Our team has in-depth knowledge of the different types of IoT boards, connected devices and sensors. We help you find out the right hardware for your IoT product development.

Sensors we use

Connectivity and Data Transmission

Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, RFID, GPS, and other types of secure wireless controls and connectivity can all be added to your device by our expert IoT systems engineers. Our mission is to communicate real-time data without compromising security or privacy.


Software and Cloud Integration

BlueSurf Technologies has created web/mobile-based applications to control the functioning of real-time IoT products.

Our unique software applications are hosted on cloud servers, which are used to monitor, control, optimize, and operate product operations autonomously.


We are using the following IoT Platforms

IoT Product Development Process

iot product development process

Stage 1: Conceptual design Services

We work with clients throughout this stage to identify risks and obstacles, as well as plan and develop concepts for the product that will be designed and constructed.

Core Activities:

Stage 2:Detailed Engineering Services

We concentrate on developing and providing a complete solution that is “ready for production.”

Core Activities:


Prototype and Test

We develop and test the “alpha” prototype, which really is suitable for production.

Core Activities:

Manufacturing Support Services

We help our clients by finding the right manufacturing partner and passing on information to their production teams.

Core Activities:

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