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Product Design & Development Services

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product design and engineering services development all throughout product development lifecycle

Product Design and Development Services

Providing complete product design and development solutions for all of your future needs: BlueSurf Technologies' engineering services offer advanced mechanical engineering solutions, development, and design to businesses in several of sectors. CAD/CAE/FEA analysis, prototype creation, product styling, engineering change management, market research, ergonomics, and more are all parts of our product design and development services. We have extensive experience in the implementation, maintenance, and customization of PDM and PLM tools to provide rich and interactive experiences to mechanical engineering design companies, from conceptual design to manufacturing.
Our Services:

End-to-end solutions

BlueSurf Technologies provides large and small manufacturing companies a wide range of engineering services. We could help you get the most out of your engineering projects with a team of experienced, dedicated engineers with extensive industry experience and hands-on expertise in design and manufacturing.


Value Engineering, Detail Engineering, CAD/CAE/FEA analysis:

For our clients, we provide CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and non-CAE analyses. Our highly trained engineers provide broad domain knowledge and perform a variety of engineering studies to provide accurate results.


Reverse Engineering and Prototype building

BlueSurf Technologies' extensive reverse engineering services may assist you in creating detailed 3D models from physical components of any type of equipment or product. These models can be used to enhance a design while also evaluating the development process and processability.


Material Selection, Product Costing

We help our client in material selection in order to clarify and reduce the cost of their manufacturing process.


Engineering Change Management

BlueSurf Technologies' engineers have a comprehensive understanding of ECR/ECO/ECN processes and can effectively manage engineering change throughout the product design process. We help in the streamlining of the entire engineering change management process, shorter turnaround time and faster ECR execution (engineering change request).

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Product Styling, Ergonomics, Aesthetics

A product's style and aesthetics are just as vital as its functionality. Our mechanical engineers concentrate on creating high-quality products while lowering manufacturing costs.

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Product/Market Research, Competitive products’ Benchmarking

We offer product and market research services and provide insights on a variety of product characteristics. Benchmarking identifies the most important product changes that can help you obtain a competitive advantage.

Looking for Product Design and Development Services ?

Our Product Design Process:

The Bluesurf Technologies 5-Step Process to Turn Your Idea into a Reality:

BlueSurf Technologies has a strong tradition of providing high-quality mechanical engineering services to clients all over the world. We are one of the pioneers of CAD design and drafting services to our vast experience in this industry.


Concept development

The concept development step includes creating a detailed design for a new product that can be tested and refined. Through a series of drawings, Bluesurf Technologies engages with clients to examine variations of a concept and its potential features.



During in the engineering phase of product development, a strategy for turning a concept into a functional product is established based on the client's cost and quality requirements. Bluesurf Technologies works with the customer to identify any relevant design or engineering issues.



Various manufacturing techniques are utilized to convert a product's 3D design into a functional proof-of-concept model during the prototyping phase. Rapid prototyping services from Bluesurf Technologies often include machining, 3D printing, moulding, programming, and assembly into a physical form for evaluation.



The testing step of product development guarantees that a prototype or finished product works as it should. BlueSurf Technologies can create a virtual depiction of a product in order to confirm its applicability in real-world scenarios. This makes it easier to spot any problems in the design or places that need to be improved.


Manufacturing and beyond

The manufacturing stage of product development identifies the optimum manufacturing strategy for your product based on the information gathered in the previous stages. During this step, The Bluesurf Technologies will search its large network of manufacturers and suppliers for a source who can meet your project's projected scope, budget, and timetable.

With extensive experience

Industries We Serve

We have been serving numerous global clients across different industry .

Oil and Gas​

We have been serving numerous global clients across different industry .


Waste Water Treatment

We have been serving numerous global clients


We have been serving numerous global clients across different industry .


We have been serving numerous global clients across different industry .


Petrochemical & Refinery

We have been serving numerous global clients


We have been serving numerous global clients across different industry .

Why BlueSurf Technologies Product Design And Development Services

Transforming with Digital

The new IT is transformation. We can assist your company in addressing connection requirements, transforming fundamental multidisciplinary requirements with next-generation technology.

Intelligent Industry Expertise

We are a leading supplier of data-centric digital engineering. We leverage our collaborative method of designing, developing, engineering, and manufacturing products and services to create more value.

Engineering at its Core

We have the experience and knowledge to lead the digital and physical worlds together. We can make you visualize the full potential of your product portfolios with our technology, consulting, and asset-led solutions.

Cost Effective and Flexible Pricing Model

We produce high-quality work while keeping our clients' budgets and deadlines in mind. Different sorts of engagement models are available.

Next Generation Tools & Technologies

We use cutting-edge techniques and technology to deliver high-quality design services that are tailored to your specific requirements.

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We establish long-term business relationships with our customers and are committed to complete customer satisfaction. We would love to know about your next project.


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