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Steel Detailing services

3D Steel Detailing services

BlueSurf Technologies is specialised in structural steel detailing and design, including approval drawings, CAD draughts, fabrication drawings, and 3D models. BlueSurf Technologies has worked with architectural, construction, and structural engineering firms all around the world to reduce workload obligations and provide specialist technical skills not accessible in-house.Engineers at BLUESURF TECHNOLOGIES is skilled in a variety of structural engineering and detailing software, including AutoCAD, Advance Steel, Tekla Structures, ProSteel, and others.
Estimates, schedules, and plans are all part of BlueSurf Technologies’ comprehensive structural steel detailing services. All steel structural elements such as columns, beams, joists, trusses, braces, and other items are detailed in our structural steel drawings. It is also possible to design steel reinforcement, such as concrete rebar.

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Outsourced Structural Steel Detailing?

Structural Steel Detailing

Structural Steel Detailing Services by BlueSurf Technologies:

General Structural Steel Detailing:

Drawing register, cutting list, shop and field bolt summary, bolt placement list, fitting and erection drawings, and other drawings and documents.

3D Steel Modeling and 3D BIM Erection Drawings:

BLUESURF TECHNOLOGIES creates highly detailed and accurate 3D designs and use the most up-to-date 3D modeling and BIM tools.

Framing Plans and Drawings:

All of the structural elements needed to build a steel framework are included in these plans and drawings. Frameworks can be built from scratch to meet your needs, or templates can be used to accelerate.

Steel Connection Design:

Bluesurf Technologies' engineering team provides detailed drawings of steel connections, fittings, and fixtures. There's really info on how the connections.

Bill of Materials (BOM):

Along with any structural steel drawing or design, we can give a detailed Bill of Materials that includes quantities and castings.

Anchor Bolt Plans:

Anchor bolt locations for ground anchors and steel element attachment to concrete are shown on the plans. Bolt sizes, thread diameters, needed tensile strength.

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Outsourced Structural Steel Detailing?

Expert & Qualified Structural Engineers:

To work on structural steel details, BLUESURF TECHNOLOGIES exclusively hires employees who have a degree in structural, civil, or mechanical engineering. This implies that almost all of the designs conform to industry standards and meet industry standards.

Any Design from Simple to Complex:

BLUESURF TECHNOLOGIES will assist you with anything from a basic off-the-shelf steel structure to a complicated geodesic design. All of our employees have prior experience working on a wide range of projects and providing high-quality work that meets customer requirements.

Various Formats & Specialist Tool sets Available:

BLUESURF TECHNOLOGIES' staff can use specialized software tools like Advance Steel, Tekla, and ProSteel, depending on your needs and desired outcomes. BIM integration is also available to fully integrate and improve collaboration on your project.

CNC Machining and Other CAM Methods Integration:

Fabrication drawings can be created to work with CNC machining and other computer-assisted manufacturing technologies. The CNC code can be generated and prepared from the design or model, allowing for quick production.

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