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Food Packaging Automation Solutions

1. Line performance management built-in
2. Integrating discrete manufacturing lines in a flexible manner
3. Controlling, monitoring, and analysing an entire line from a single place

Automate your food packaging:

we provide scalable, flexible solutions that allow you to automate the entire packaging machine process while maintaining the ability to customize a solution to your specific requirements.

1. faster installation
2. improved reliability
3. improved energy efficiency

Our solutions assist you in understanding the complex and ever-changing world of modern food and beverage packaging. Sustainable materials, retail-ready packaging, and smarter pallet usage all are required as the number of skus and labels grows. Flexible packaging is more crucial than ever, and you can gain a competitive advantage by using solutions that provide:

1. Line performance management built-in
2. Integrating discrete manufacturing lines in a flexible manner
3. Controlling, monitoring, and analysing an entire line from a single place

To provide manufacturers a competitive edge, designers should create packaging machines that take advantage of smart manufacturing. The term “automation” refers to machines that:

1. are information-enabled
2. can deliver real-time diagnostics
3. use contemporary safety technologies
4. are easy to integrate

Manufacturers can benefit from high-performing packaging automation systems in the following ways:

1.To stay competitive, increase production and efficiency.
2.Increase packaging versatility to suit a wider range of products and packaging sizes.
3.Meet the requirements of an ageing and changing workforce
The inherent benefits of smart technology can be used to reduce the complexity, time, and cost of machine design.
Automated packaging equipment must be adaptable to frequent line modifications as well as flexible to accommodate new products. With higher speed, precision, and shorter lead times, we can help you meet your customers’ requests for personalization.

Food Handling and Processing Conveyors

Bluesurf technologies offer custom-engineered solutions that are tailored to your individual needs. Conveyors for food handling and processing are sanitary and constructed to move at high speeds. These conveyors have a proven track record of helping organisations achieve their maximum potential by increasing efficiency and productivity.

If your company needs custom food processing equipment, Bluesurf Technologies is in a unique position to create custom conveyors that suit our customers’ vision for improved workflow.

Food Handling and Processing Conveyors  Advantages:

Food Handling and Processing Conveyors

Food Handling and Processing conveyor Applications

At blusurf technologies, food safety is extremely important to us. We understand the problems and difficulties that teams in the food service sector face. Whether you’re looking for bakery and confectionery, dairy and cheese, ready-to-eat goods, meat, poultry, and seafood, fruits and vegetables, or anything else, we’ve got you covered.

Bluesurf Technologies can also provide the following Conveyor Accessory add-ons:

Food Conveying Systems

Custom Food Processing Equipment

Bluesurf Technologies is known for providing specialized food processing equipment design and equipment manufacturing to our customers as a leading-edge commercial food processing equipment design and manufacturing firm.
Our expert engineers develop unique custom food processing equipment. our experts can customise a conventional solution to match your company’s needs or work with you to create a completely unique system.
Our Custom Food Processing Equipment Design Process includes the various steps, needs analysis, cad modelling, mechanical design and other services.

Custom Food Processing Equipment

Food Sealing Systems

Simple, Efficient Packing Machines to Meet Your Needs:

Using simple, easy-to-use technology, we can help you overcome your toughest packaging automation issues.

Flexible packaging has a number of advantages over rigid packaging, including a lower carbon footprint, lower shipping and storage costs, and a wider shelf presence and marketing canvas. Flexible packing machines are useful in practically every business, both food and non-food, and they improve both efficiency and profitability.

Our industry-leading vertical form fill seal machines provide simplicity and efficiency for food and non-food applications. 

Features Include:

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Automatic Pouch Stacking System

Bluesurf Technologies design high-speed stacking technology for single and double-head machines allows for automatic pouch stacking according to the chosen matrix. An inclined conveyor, pouch orienter, pusher, and flow wrapping machine are all part of the system.

It’s a single-operator, plc-controlled system with fast changeover. According to the accessible floor space, the system can be aligned in a linear or right angle manner.

Bulk Packing Machine

Bluesurf Technologies’ is designed new bulk packing machine to fill huge bags weighing 5 to 50 kg. The bags could be made of woven HDPE, PP, paper, or valves. Rice, sugar, cereals, legumes, flour, cake mix, and agro-chemical granules are all good candidates.

The plc-controlled machine includes a particular ‘no bag, no filling’ safety system and can produce up to 20 bags per minute. Auto bag clamping, bulk and dribble feed, and bag tilting and alignment attachment are among the other features.

Process Weighing Systems

Bluesurf Technologies applies its extensive weighing technology experience to develop unique filling, batching, and blending systems to be used in a variety of manufacturing environments. To use an automated process weighing solution can help you boost productivity, reduce production costs, and improve product quality. Manufacturers are using automated process weighing solutions to address the volatility of today’s manufacturing environment, which includes holes in the supply chain and changes in the labour market.

Filling and Dosing Systems

Suitable for powders and grains ranging in size from 0.5 grammes to 25 kilogrammes. Filling containers such as cans, bags, boxes, and buckets.

Dosing Systems and Filling Machines for Powders and Granules

For the powder business, Bluesurf Technologies offers a comprehensive range of dosing systems and filling equipment. Weights ranging from micrograms to 25 kilogrammes can be processed precisely and distributed in a variety of container options, including bags, cans, pots, buckets, and cartons. No matter what kind of dose or pace you want, you can pick between manual and semi-automatic dispensing. Engineers at Bluesurf Technologies are happy to discuss your options with you.

Wrapping and Banding Systems: Stretch Wrapping & Banding

Wrapping and Banding Systems

Stretch wrapping is the process of wrapping a load securely in order to protect, support, and unitize it.

Pallet stretch wrapping is sometimes disregarded as the final step in the packaging process, although it is actually the first step in the supply chain.

Bluesurf Technologies offers a variety of completely automatic and semi-automatic vertical and horizontal packaging solutions, including robots, rotating tables, rotating arms, and rotating rings for palletized load stability utilising stretch film, as well as horizontal machines for packaging panels, kit furniture, assembled furniture, doors, windows, pipes, extruded aluminium, and other long and non-palletized products.

Box and Crating Systems:Crates & Boxes

The exterior of your shipping crates and boxes must be able to withstand abuse, weather, and accidents while maintaining the integrity of the contents. We’ll advise you based on the level of protection you need for your custom packing as well as the delivery method you intend to utilise.

Bluesurf Technologies has designed an innovative automated robotic box packing system for European manufacturing company. The manufacturing facility, which transforms the product into slices and packages it, The automated robotic box packing system is made up of a number of different components that allow it to accomplish its many activities, such as destacking folded boxes and opening boxes, robots that load products into boxes or bucket elevators, weight and metal checking machines, rejection of inappropriate items at the packaging machine’s exit end with a 2-axis robot, or a shrink wrap bagging machine for groups of stacks of trays.

All of the production is organised into two rows to be handled by two Delta robots and packed directly into plastic boxes or in a bucket elevator to be stacked and afterwards packed in a shrink wrap bagging machine. Before being transferred to the box packing area, the boxes are de-stacked and the folded boxes are automatically opened at a box supply area.

Bluesurf Technologies Packaging has worked on comparable projects involving automated plastic box packing, robot handling, and shrink wrapping devices. The end result is a solid product line and a solution that fits the client’s objectives, which we believe will serve as the foundation for future demands.

Packaging Automation Machinery Design for the food & beverage industry.

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