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CAD Designing Services for Mechanical Engineering

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CAD Designing Services for Mechanical Engineering

CAD Drawing and Drafting Services

In order to remain competitive in the face of global competition, manufacturing industries are trying to reduce product costs. Moreover, there is a continuous need to improve quality and performance levels. Another important requirement is that the product be delivered on time. The task of continuing to reduce delivery times is a daunting task given the nature of global exports and long cutting chains across several international boundaries. Including the production software, the computer can perform a range of tasks. As a consequence, computer abilities are used both during production but also throughout product development process. Computers are required to integrate the entire production system and, as a consequence, transform computer-generated designs into finished products.
The use of computer software to assist in the design, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design is defined as computer aided design (CAD). Designer productivity, design quality, textual communication, and the development of a production database are all helped by CAD software. CAD data is typically in the form of electronic files for printing, machinery, or other computer-aided design work. Electronic Design Automation, or EDA, is the name for its use in the design of electrical systems. Mechanical design automation (MDA) or computer-assisted writing (CAD) is a term that describes the process of creating a technical drawing using computer software.
Bluesurf Technologies is a leading provider of CAD design and drawing services to a global clientele, including 2D/3D CAD Conversion, CAD data Migration, and 3D Modelling Services. Our highly skilled and experienced designers, consultants, and drafters can transform your ideas into reality in a number of ways, such rapid prototyping, product development, and building floor plans and layouts. Our mechanical designers and CAD drafters have extensive experience with a variety of CAD platforms, including Inventor, AutoCAD, Unigraphics, SolidWorks, and Catia V5, to reduce design cycle time.
Computers and computer-based applications are used for the majority of modelling. Computer typing and digital drawing need two-dimensional models. Computer-aided design and manufacture (CAD / CAM) heavily relies on three-dimensional models, that are widely used in areas like field engineering and engineering, crafts, landscape design, and medical imaging. Process and process models are 2 kinds of geometric models that define the entire system by the opaque algorithm that generates its appearance. They are compared to fractal models that provide a repeating description of the shape, as well as digital photographs and other models that represent the shape as a clip of a good common local divorce.

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We provide mechanical engineering,product development,IoT,Product Manufacturing Services to various verticals globally.

Solid Modelling

By combining and cutting different solid rolls, this process is used to create the solid portions of the shape you want. The concrete end model is similar to the genuine product, but it can be turned and seen more clearly. There are two basic types: direct and parametric. Direct models can be modified by reversing or converting them straight to 3D. Parametric models are constructed using parameters.

Surface Modelling

By cutting, sewing, and combining numerous sections to make the final model of shape, this procedure is employed to create a suitable environment.


To construct the final assembly, this is used to check the actual balance of all models as well as the assembly’s actual performance.

Drafting Detailing

Although 2D CAD can provide direct 2D drawings, this approach is frequently used to make 2D drawings of elements or assemblies straight from 3D modelling.

Reverse engineering

This technique is used to convert a physical aspect into a 3D CAD model. To measure or estimate it, various instruments such as a laser scanner, a white scanner, and a CMM are employed.
One of the most important factors to consider when using CAD design automation is the return on investment. Manufacturers face a common challenge: lowering product costs. Design automation solutions help in addressing this challenge by reducing construction costs by decreasing human labour and speeding up the process. When cost savings are combined with increased production, the return on investment (ROI) is significantly higher.
Design automation should be viewed as a new way of working instead of a one-time project with a start and finish date. It helps designers in the execution of moment construction tasks. As a consequence, a process is designed, costs are lowered, and productivity is increased. In a word, automation design allows engineers to obtain custom completion days for custom engineering minutes in seconds.
Businesses are striving to connect all of their systems in a seamless manner. Maintaining the various details conducted by the various departments consistent can be a difficult task. Fortunately, automated systems can interact with other business systems. The engineering department is just where design automation begins. Automated design, on the other hand, can assist all company operations that meet design criteria in the long run.

Body shops, paint shops, trim shops, frames, assembling stores, and engine machinery stores, machinery stores, and stamp shops all use various event simulations to explore the skills of various production businesses involved in constructing cars.

The automotive company can analyse the effects of the use of tools by modelling bodybuilding systems in conceptual time, designing and constructing product life cycle phases. There are two distinct approaches to analysing physical performance: delivery and delivery systems. The first is a station-level model of a body shop. Designing the body shop in the line or at the details level below is the second choice. The sub-solitary field’s is investigated using a channel-level simulation model. 

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We’ve worked with both large and small manufacturing enterprises in a variety of industries, including Oil & Gas, Power Plants, Chemical, Petrochemical, Water, Food Processing, Pharma, Steel, Paper, Fertilizers, Refrigeration plants, and industrial projects.
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Bluesurf Technologies provides a wide range of industries with full CAD conversion and CAD migration services. We provide high-quality CAD conversion services, including PDF to CAD, 2D drawings to 3D CAD models, and Paper to CAD. Our team of highly experienced engineers follows a disciplined procedure to understand your needs and personalize the transfer process down to small details.

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