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Five Reasons to Use an Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

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Five Reasons to Use an Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Automation in the packaging process benefits the packaging business substantially. The automatic liquid filler distributes product from a holding tank to waiting bottles or other containers during each fill cycle without requiring operator interaction. By automating the filling process, a corporation can anticipate to improve the packaging operation in a number of ways, including but not limited to the following.

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#1 - Consistent and Reliable Fills

The use of an automatic filler simplifies the filling process. Whether searching for a level fill, a highly precise volumetric fill, or any other specified condition, the automatic machine ensures that each cycle is carried out in the same way. You can attain uniformity and reliability that you can’t get by filling bottles or containers by hand using the right machine for each operation.

#2 - Speed

When a product’s demand exceeds a certain threshold, engaging manual labour to fill each bottle becomes impracticable. The ability to increase speeds is likely the most obvious benefit of using automated packing equipment. Production may be operated not only faster, but also constantly, with the use of power conveyors and multiple fill heads, as well as the proper filling principle.

#3 - Versatility

For a single product, many businesses use several bottles. Multiple items are also offered by a lot of businesses. In most circumstances, single liquid filler may be designed to fill all of a company’s bottles and products. Some machines can switch from one bottle or product to another with a few easy modifications, while others may take a little longer if the bottle size or viscosity of the substance differs significantly.

#4 - Ease of Use

Almost all automatic filling equipment will have a PLC and an intuitive operator interface. The operator inputs the various times and quantities required to finish each cycle using a touchscreen interface. After you’ve entered your numbers, a recipe screen will allow you to save them. Eventually, the operator will only need to enter the recipe number into the interface, make any necessary physical modifications (conveyor rails, fill head height, etc.), and then watch the machine work.

#5 - Growth Potential

Automatic packing equipment may and should be built for the long term. To put it another way, the machine should not be built to reach maximum capacity right away. We create our equipment at LPS with the expectation of seeing our customers grow! Filling machine upgrades, such as additional fill heads, allow the equipment to scale with the business.
While there are other advantages to automating the filling process from project to project, a packager can always count on receiving the above benefits. Contact our team today to learn more about how automating packaging operations might help your project.

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