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Is It Time to Automate Your Palletizing Operation?

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Is It Time to Automate Your Palletizing Operation?


The fundamental goals of your manufacturing lines are to eliminate errors and enhance throughput. The palletizing operation, on the other hand, is commonly overlooked.
Due to the mix of heavy products, great stacking heights, and repetitive operations, manual palletisation is a hazardous occupation. It is far more difficult to find suitable individuals who are up to the task.
As labour shortages persist, it is difficult to fill manufacturing jobs. Even if your production line is low-volume or variable, automating the palletizing process may be advantageous to your business.

Are You Looking ForAutomate Palletizing Operation?

Bluesurf Technologies automation solutions help prevent inconsistent recipes, unexpected overflows and other mistakes that can produce waste, ruin entire batches, and hurt the bottom line.

When you should switch to an automated solution.

What Are Robotic Palletizers?

Robotic palletizers choose and arrange cases onto a pallet using an arm with a tool on its end. Despite being slower than conveyor sorters, robotic systems outperform people and improve accuracy. They can work alone or in collaboration with other robots or even people to help the industrial cycle.

Benefits of Automation

There are several significant advantages to automated palletisations. Automation improves your bottom line by increasing speed and decreasing errors.

#1 - Speed

Automated systems function around the clock and are significantly faster than even the most competent employees. They do not need to slow down or take breaks, and they are not at risk of repetitive motion injuries.

#2 - Cut Labor Costs

The job market is tight, and it is challenging to locate competent individuals. While automated solutions are initially more expensive, they provide enormous realised savings in the long run. The only on-going costs are energy and routine maintenance.

#3 - Reduce Bottlenecks

If your shipping department is congested, automation can help. Robots eliminate bottlenecks, resulting in fewer errors and a higher bottom line.

When Should You Automate?

Though automated palletizing solutions are an expensive investment, they quickly pay for themselves. Though automation might help you save money, how do you know when to automate specific portions of your workload?

#1 - Labor Costs

The risk of product failures and recalls is considerably reduced with an automated packaging procedure. This, combined with greater manufacturing capacity, allows you to provide better service to your clients. Better customer service, as we all know, leads to more loyal consumers and repeat business, resulting in increased revenues for your firm.

#2 - Replacing Old Equipment

Consider automation if your current equipment is worn out or has to be replaced. Instead of upgrading to an electric pallet jack operator or other better tools, consider investing in automated palletizing equipment.
Though you’ll still need some equipment for your warehouse, such as a pallet truck, you can eliminate the requirement for additional tools or employees. Robotic systems are capable of handling large workloads with ease.

#3 - Improve Throughput

Palletizing is often towards the end of your workflow, making it the last step that must be completed before shipment. Bottlenecks are likely if this process is not kept moving swiftly.


Consider robotic palletizing systems if you are already facing bottlenecks, want to avoid them, or want to boost throughput. When it comes to this important component in your production chain, don’t scrimp on investment.

#4 - Improve Quality

The quality of your palletizing is important when it comes to the safe and efficient transportation of your items. The overall quality is influenced by factors such as load distribution and case layout. Human workers often prioritise between two options: speed or quality.


This is not a problem for robots. They can load pallets safely and accurately while also preparing them for shipping at a faster rate.

#5 - Managing Variety

This adds diversity if your company frequently produces a variety of products that require varied case sizes. The introduction of diversity, particularly if it occurs seldom, might have a detrimental impact on your palletizing team. If they’re used to one size of case being placed on a pallet, a change in that size can disrupt their efficiency and precision.
Robotic systems, on the other hand, can manage a wide range of situations with ease. Automated solutions are unconcerned about infrequent items or a large range of case sizes. Their adaptability enables them to quickly adapt and prepare your product for distribution.

#6 - Lack of Space

Complex conveyor systems reign supreme when it comes to sorting manufactured goods. They do, however, necessitate a large amount of area in order to function. Not every company has the necessary space to house this equipment.
Robotic palletizing is the way to go if you want to increase speed while keeping a modest footprint. You still get a speed increase while taking up a fraction of the floor space.

#7 - Avoid Work Injuries

Palletizers are frequently injured on the job as a result of repetitive actions and large items. Minor strains and aches may not result in a compensation claim, but affected workers will move slower, limiting output.
If there are major injuries, your throughput decreases and your bottom line suffers. Robotic palletizing devices are used on a daily basis and cannot be hurt. Even if they require routine maintenance, the benefits far outweigh the costs.

It’s Time to Automate Palletizing

If your palletizing department is experiencing any of the challenges listed above, it’s time to think about automation. The advantages of increased speed, reduced harm, and improved palletizing quality are obvious. Though robotic systems need a large initial investment, they quickly pay for themselves.
We provide solutions for your business, whether you want to reduce labour expenses or increase throughput. Our palletizing robots are designed from the ground up to support a diverse range of products and workloads in order to service any industry.

If you’re still on the fence about automated systems or want more information, please contact us right away. We’re always delighted to talk about our products and show you how they can help your company.

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